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Auditing Services

What we offer

Preparation is key when it comes to any project. When it comes to small- and large-scale construction projects, it’s even more important to ensure that budgets are kept tight, the project is safe and secure, that it delivers on time and is fully accessible throughout.

We’re proud at Trident Lifting Solutions to be able to provide an almost forensic-level of detail when it comes to lifting projects, with our personnel always looking to set the standards as high as possible.

Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes can make all the difference to a construction project, and our team is able to assess the challenges you will be facing from as early as the tender process. Our vast knowledge of construction projects will armour you with sufficient background to commercially challenge any proposal that may not add the best value to your business.

As well as an auditing service for your business and your developments, it can also be seen as a consultation process too, that helps you plan ahead and eliminate any and every risk you may face when your company looks to bring cranes and hoists onto your project.

We’re able to do that thanks to the technology at our disposal, creating 3D plans and virtual environments to assess and gauge the success and placement of your lift, which also allows us to identify other proximity hazards which may not appear on the site’s original plans.

Our auditing services are designed to bring an extra degree of optimisation to your construction project and initial proposals, and help to demonstrate the crane and lifting services we can provide in an original manner. No construction project is ever the same, and Trident Lifting Solutions can help you determine the best way to approach each one with our tailored auditing service.


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