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Crane Sales in UK

Trident Lifting Solutions are proud to be the exclusive UK dealer for Linden Comansa Tower Cranes ranging from 12-90 tons. Our engineering team can design schemes to maximise programme efficiencies across all sectors. Trident possess a superior after-sales structure to handle the erection, dismantling, maintenance and repair of all Comansa Tower cranes in the UK. We only partner with the best and that’s why we chose Linden Comansa.

Linden Comansa

Linden Comansa (Construcciones Metálicas Comansa S.A.) is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of luffing-jib cranes for construction. The company offers a complete range of products, designed under the Flat-Top modular system, and including the latest technology. Linden Comansa’s catalogue is formed by 41 Flat-Top tower cranes and 12 luffing-jib cranes, with maximum load capacities from 4 to 64 tons. Since the creation of the company in the decade of 1960, Linden Comansa has manufactured more than 16,000 cranes, and has dealers in more than 60 countries in the 5 continents.









LCL165 8t

LCL165 8t

LCL280 12t

LCL280 18t

LCL280 24t

LCH300 1F

LCH300 2F

LCL500 24t

LCL190 12t

LCL190 18t

LCL310 12t

LCL310 18t

LCL310 24t

LCL700 50t

LCL700 64t